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Ten More

TEN MORE is a short film by writer/director Brad Riddell that stars David Pasquesi and Ellie Reed. Produced in Chicago, IL. 

TEN MORE | a short film by Brad Riddell

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LOGLINE:  A concert pianist receives a startling omen as he struggles to recover from a brain injury.

SYNOPSIS: Howard was a renown concert pianist at the top of his game when a mugging left him reeling from a head injury that has left him unable to play. A proud and independent man, he rejects his daughter's request to live with her — until he receives a gruesome omen from above.

CREDITS: Written and Directed by Brad Riddell, Produced by Shayna Connelly, Cinematographer: Jonah Rubash, Editor: Ron Eltanal, Production Designer: Taylor Henderhan, Costume Design and Makeup: Holly Kawiecki, Sound Supervision: Rob Steel, Music by Brian Ralston

CAST: David Pasquesi as Howard (Groundhog Day, Father of the Bride, Veep, Angels & Demons, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Early Edition, Chicago Fire, TJ & Dave), Ellie Reed as Laurie (2 Broke Girls, Chicago P.D., Betrayal, Netflix’s GirlBoss), and featuring Ira Amyx as the Landlord, Dexter Zollicoffer as the Cop, Ron Eltanal as the Doctor, Mo Allen as the Receptionist, and Carol Montgomery as Mary.

SPECS: Color, 11:20, Red Epic Dragon 6K, 2:35. ProRes, H264, and DCP.

ORIGIN: On location and at Cinespace Chicago Studios, in Chicago USA.

DIRECTOR'S BIO: Brad Riddell has written four feature films for Hollywood studios, including Paramount, Fox, and Universal. His first film, American Pie: Band Camp, remains one of the highest-grossing live-action DVD releases in history, and is now syndicated on TBS. His most recent film, Crooked Arrows, was released nationally in theaters in 2012, and is the first mainstream lacrosse movie ever produced. Brad’s other credits include films in the Road Trip and Slap Shot franchises. Ten More was his directorial debut. Brad holds a MFA in screenwriting from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where he taught for seven years before accepting a post at DePaul University in Chicago.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT:  In 2014, I was struck with a brain injury that left my future uncertain. TEN MORE offers a suspenseful glimpse into the moment I was forced to accept a new reality and begin again. I have since recovered fully, and am grateful for the opportunity to have made this film with the support of a grant from DePaul University’s Project Bluelight. I was fortunate to benefit from the talents of an extraordinary crew and a cast that often left me speechless. This film is dedicated to all those who begin again.