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Brad Riddell has directed web series, short films, and is developing feature films for production. 




Later Days

PAM (40) is close to finishing a huge deal that will define her career. All she wants for her birthday is a nice meal, sexy time with her husband, MIKE, and then to get back to work. Too bad Mike didn’t get the memo. He throws a huge 80s-themed Prom Party for Pam and EVERYBODY from high school comes – in costume, and with all of their old crushes, grudges, and nostalgic baggage. Basically, it’s Fireball shots, 80s music, an amateur MMA fight, bathroom sex, divorce, a toilet-papering mission, jail, a celebrity encounter, and then donuts. Pretty much in that order. LATER DAYS is a date-night romp for exhausted adults about the reckoning between who we are now, who we once were, and what we still aspire to be. By the end of this one wild night, Mike and Pam break out of a marital funk, and the whole gang sees the past and the future more clearly -- through bleary, blood-shot eyes. I am co-directing this project with my partner Sandy Sternshein through our company Wry Mash Media.

The script was selected for the Chicago SAG/IFP Table Read , and has attached stars David Walton, Majandra Delfino, and David Pasquesi. Read our production announcement in Variety.



Ten More

A concert pianist recovering from a brain injury receives a startling omen from above. This award-winning short film is semi-autobiographical, and stars the legendary actor/improvisor David Pasquesi (VEEP, LODGE 49), as well as rising star Ellie Reed, who starred in Netflix's GIRLBOSS. TEN MORE was produced through a grant from DePaul University School of Cinematic Arts' Project Bluelight. It has screened in festivals across the United States. 



As parents with children in the same school district, my partner Anna Maria Hozian and I began to notice how strange and volatile parents can be when it comes to the education of their kids. It also became clear to us that the school as an institution can become a political instrument for some parents. Having screened in prestigious webfests around the world, OTHER PEOPLE'S CHILDREN is an award-winning series that captures all of that crazy and frames it in a funny, satirical way that allows parents to say "I know someone like her!" or "I've done that!" In each episode our hero, played by Atra Asdou, finds herself across the table from adults behaving like children, and slowly comes to realize it's not her students who have problems, it's their parents. 




As a mediocre gamer who has always been obsessed with the dynamics of teams, rock bands, and small groups of people who achieve extraordinary success, I wanted to explore the world of competitive gaming as a proof of concept for a feature film. Disturbed by the Gamergate phenomenon, I also hoped to portray a female gamer who gets the upper hand on her male counterparts. GAMICONOCRON is a broad, farcical look into the world of gaming, and the relationships between team members. At 12 minutes long, the film is a combination of CGI animation and live-action footage, and is currently in post. It stars Tyler Smith and Mo Allen

Gamiconocron Storyboard
Gamiconocron Riddell